Kennels – Training school

dog training school

Hello, we are Sonia and Carles. When we got married and we decided to have a puppy that got the name “Roc”. He was a very handsome Boxer and we decided to take him to train to the highest level of “Canino Regulation International” working with the best and drawing on the experience encourage us.
First we made trainings at home, after we made them into our home and decided to create the residence, which is a very necessary for society activity. We are having seen many kennels we decided to make it different, a place where animals love to be: first nullify goodbyes and now give them estimate and friendly service. This was possible because we care for the animals themselves.

And so, taking advantage of a family vineyard assemble our own Centre Caní Canpenedès. Everything was filmed and since 1997 we are dedicated exclusively to caring for and teaching the puppies.

While our children Roger and Martha have accompanied us and helped in everything and we hope to continue this beautiful and grateful task.

Roc daughter, Runa, Brau, Nazgul, Aron and our kittens buzz, Bot and moms.