Kennels – Boarding kennels – Cattery


Canine and feline Residence Hotel stay dedicated and caring carefully dogs and cats with exclusive and personalized attention. We have a fully prepared facilities, and a very pleasant environment for the animals. We have single, double, triple, etc. with all amenities for guests.

Underfloor land, linen included, automatic water and food that requires the animal or the owner asks us. Facilities for hairdressers, bathroom, and disinfection. Periodic inspection and veterinary hygiene conditions and excellent health. Paraded and daily games. With monitoring and recording camera and alarm 24 hours.

Perfect to go for a weekend or vacation with all the tranquility, or during periods when we can not take care of our pet.

Boarding Kennels and Cattery

  • Over 12.000 m2 of residence facilities.
  • Single rooms (quality above regulated standards). Floor heating system. Music.
  • Automatic drinking system. Osmotitzaded water. Flea shower (on arrival and departure).
  • Isolated areas for single amusement. Daily walks. Friendly treatment.
  • Feeding arranged particulary for each host according to needs and uses.
  • Postoperative medication and medical care.
  • 24h a day surveillance. Closed loop TV.
  • Mandatory health card. We suggest you bring a toy for it to play with.
  • Limited rooms available. Please make your reservation timely.
  • Keeping contact with your veterinarian.
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